Best Hotel Accommodation Hobart Surrounds

Best hotel accommodation Hobart surrounds is in The Derwent Valley

The best hotel accommodation Hobart surrounds is in the beautiful Derwent Valley


The beautiful Derwent Valley has been the playground for Hobart for generations. Just as Melbourne has the Yarra Valley, Perth the Swan and San Francisco the Napa, Hobart has the Derwent Valley.


In colonial times, locals travelled up the Derwent by river steamers. As the road links were improved, motoring trips became the most popular.

Over the generations Hobartians travelled up the valley to historic New Norfolk, and Mount Field National Park. For many years the railway was a favourite outing for travelling to Mt Field. And to this day, many people continue to lobby to have the railways reopened.


Visitors to Mt Field loved the walk to and around Russel Falls, as do today’s visitors. Hobartians also loved to ski on the snowfields of Mt field before global warming took its toll.

Hobartians frequently went to historic Salmon Ponds for picnics, and it is a local favourite to this day. All generations through the ages have lived the ponds of trout, the platypus, the gardens and the historic hatchery. These days, the tourists love Salmon Ponds for exactly the same reasons. It is now quite usual to have a locals visiting Salmon Ponds chatting with visitors from around the globe.


In the old days, visitors to the Derwent Valley probably would have stayed at such places as the Bush Inn, or National Park Hotel.

There is much more choice these days. And for  most discerning traveller, the beautiful The Woodbridge is the best hotel accommodation for Hobart surrounds.