As fresh as it gets

You can’t get fresher than this


In the Derwent Valley we are blessed with an abundance of fabulous produce. Tasmania is famous for this generally, but we certainly punch well above the norm, and in such concentration, all the way along the river in the Derwent Valley.


So why, one may ask, do we grow our own herbs?


The answer is simple … because the possums do not eat the herbs or spring onions.


While we have an abundance of flowers and ornamental trees around the property, I really wanted to grow produce in the entrance into the dining pavilion. I started with tomatoes and lettuce etc etc, and the possums feasted and feasted. In between the vegetables I had planted herbs and spring onions, and it soon became obvious that the possums did not like these, so we increased the variety of herbs, and now have a lush herb garden.


By the by, the possums also loved the peaches, but a 600mm strip of metal foil has stopped them being able to climb up to the fruit, so strike two for our garden!