Off-site Activities


These activities are all-day excursions which our guests regularly do. Most are within a short drive from Woodbridge, but others need to be planned for a full day excursion.

Our staff will be pleased to help you plan.

Woodbridge is only 30 minutes or so Country drive from Russell Falls & Mt Field National Park

Woodbridge is about an hour’s highland drive from The Wall in the Wilderness

Woodbridge is a 30 min country drive from The Tall Trees Walk

Maydena Dirt Track Bike Park is just 30 minutes country drive away

Woodbridge is about 15 mins breathtaking riverside drive from MONA

Woodbridge is about 30 min Country drive from Nant Distillery

Woodbridge is about 10mins riverside drive from Salmon Ponds

Woodbridge is about 25 mins riverside drive from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Explore the antique shops in New Norfolk & Hamilton

Woodbridge is about 10 mins from The Possum Shed, a quaint riverside cafe in Westerway

Woodbridge is about 30mins from Callington Mill, across into the Midlands and best as part of a great loop day trip.

Woodbridge is 45 mins from Mt Wellington, and is best as part of a Hobart day trip

Woodbridge is about 20 mins from Redlands Whisky in Kempton, and staff can give you a great back roads route for the road less travelled

Woodbridge is surrounded by Fruit Farms and other gourmet produce which the Derwent Valley is famous for

Lake Meadowbank & Hamilton are 30 mins from Woodbridge

Woodbridge is 30 mins from Wicked Cheese and staff will help you out it together with a day trip

Woodbridge is 2 hrs from Port Arthur. Plan for a very full day trip to take it all in.

Woodbridge can be your base for a Bruny Island & Huon day trip. You will need to allow a full day and make sure you check ferry times.

Woodbridge is about 5 mins from renowned Agrarian Kitchen’s new eatery and farm shop

From Woodbridge you can head across country to Freycinet – best to allow a full day round trip, and see a few things en route

Woodbridge is about 25 mins from Ratho Farm & golf course

Woodbridge is about 40mins glorious riverside drive from Salamanca and is best as part of a Hobart day trip

Woodbridge is 10 mins to Two Metre Tall Brewery & Farm Bar

Woodbridge is in historic New Norfolk, 10mins from historic Hamilton, 15 mins from historic Bothwell, and 30 mins from historic Richmond

Woodbridge is 10 mins glorious riverside drive from Stefano Lubiana vineyard, cellar door and osteria

Woodbridge is 30 mins to the Hobart Wharves for Bruny Island Cruises or Tasman Peninsula Cruises or Peppermint Bay Luncheon Cruises

Woodbridge is just 5 mins from Bushy Park & the Derwent Valley Hop Kilns

Woodbridge is about 30 mins glorious riverside drive from Cascade Brewery, best viewed as part of a day trip to Hobart