A Peachy Luxury Hotel

Our hotel entrance is under the peach tree.

The garden entrance to Woodbridge’s reception  via the peach tree, which canopies overhead.

When we water, we have to give just the right amount of water to encourage the fruit growth, and not too much so that the fruit are sweet and tasty. We wrap aluminium foil around the trunk of the tree to stop the possums from climbing up to raid the bounty, and we keep our fingers crossed that strong winds won’t blow the  fruit off the branches.

Our guests love walking under the peach tree as they come and go, raiding it after breakfast, and as they go out for a walk along the river during the day.

This year the peach tree has been so heavily laden with fruit, that I have had to prune off some of the branches so that guests are not having to bend to get under them. It meant sacrificing fruit, but it couldn’t be helped. On the other side of the tree, the weight of fruit has the branches hanging right down to ground level.

So we were devastated when the weight of the fruit caused the entire upper half of the trunk to snap off, just before the fruit finished ripening. We madly scrambled to collect the green peaches  and started researching green peach salads  and pickled peaches.

But luckily, all the outer rim branches, the ones that are hanging down to the ground laden with fruit, are still there, all ripe now, just waiting for our guests’ pleasure.