Dining at Woodbridge

Dining is set in the colonial splendour of The Pavilion and is always a delightful experience.

Woodbridge-food-7227The Pavilion is not an open to the public a la carte restaurant. It is a private dining room and reservations are essential. Please be aware the dining may not be available without a prior reservation.

Our style is relaxed and unpretentious, but our service is personal and complete.
Dress Code is ‘Smart Relaxed’.

Chefs Celia and Liam offer great Menus which feature feature local fresh fruits and vegetables in season.

Locally crafted Wines & Beers: Guests tell us that they enjoy being introduced to local wines, many of which are unfamiliar to them. The Valley has a number of excellent boutique vineyards, and our Wine Cellar (formerly the Convict Lockup) contains a fine choice of these wines, and boasts some of the last reserves of highly acclaimed Stefano Lubiana vintages. Our beers and ales are also locally brewed, using the heritage hops for which our Valley is famous.

For Opening Hours and Schedules of the Pavilion Please check our hours on Reservations.

The Pavilion Club

In response to requests from Tasmanian residents wishing to enjoy all that Woodbridge has to offer, The Pavilion Club was created in 2011. For information and Applications for Membership Pavilion Club.