Private 4 day Hands-on Single Malt Whisky Crafting

This 4 day experience enables you to participate fully in the whisky making process.
You will mash the barley and participate in the production and the distilling processes. You will self-drive or fly by helicopter to the hoghlands to dig peat, travel to a vineyard to select and later prepare the barrels. Included is the 20 litre barrel of whisky that is crafted during the experience, which, when matured you may decide to bottle with your own private label.

Four day experience
From $8985/double includes:
Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Package in a Luxury Room for 2 persons
3 day Hands-on Whisky Experience for 1 person
20 litres of whisky produced

Transfers to and from Woodbridge included

Optional Extras:
– Additional persons for the Hands-on Whisky Experience
– Helicopter transfer to Peat Digs on Day 3
– Private ‘Cooking with Whisky’ Class
– Private Whisky Tasting at other iconic sites
Tailored Options – a menu of custom comforts and activities to make your say uniquely yours.

These experiences need to be booked,  some well in advance.
Please Email us for information and bookings.