Paddock to Plate Experience Series

Hands-on Single Malt Whisky Crafting is the latest addition to our Paddock to Plate collection. This 4 day experience enables our guests to participate fully in the whisky making process, from mashing the barley, to digging the peat for the distilling process and preparing the barrels. Included is the 20 litre barrel of whisky that is crafted during the experience, which, when matured can then be bottled with their private label.
Hands on Single Malt Whisky Crafting
Private Chauffeured Farm-gate Tour & Tastings – our guests have been delighted with this private excursion behind the scenes to taste-test some of Tasmania’s finest produce. Your guide has the ear of so many of Tasmania’s finest producers and can ‘open doors’ literally! A gourmet Full or Half-day experience combining a selection of primary and artisan producers ….. And if you tell us in advance of any preferences that you have, then she will try to incorporate these.
Farm Gate Tour
Private Chauffeured Cellar Door Tour & Tastings – This tour allows our guests to have a private tasting at some of Tasmania’s finest wineries, without any concern about drinking and driving. This gourmet Full or Half-day experience will often get you behind the scenes, and where possible your guide will arrange for you to meet the wine makers.
Private Cellar Door Tours
Cooking classes – you now have a choice of two celebrity chefs who have come to our valley because of the abundance of fabulous local produce. Both are about 10 minutes from Woodbridge.
Sally-Anne Wise has a long career as a cooking presenter on ABC TV and an acclaimed author of 9 cook books.
Rodney Dunn’s The Agrarian Kitchen, is a hands-on farm-based cooking school, and situated in a rural 19th century schoolhouse home.
Cooking Classes
Seafood Experiences These activity will get you behind the scenes and sampling at abalone or oyster aqua-culture facilities, or out on a boat gathering the seafood and eating as you go – it just doesn’t come any fresher!
Seafood Experience
Hands On Cheese Making Experience This unique experience is exclusive to Woodbridge on the Derwent. It will get you up to your elbows making cheese with an award winning cheese maker, and behind-the-scenes on everything that makes a sheep farm tick! When the cheese you have produced is matured, it is all yours to savour!
Cheese Making Experience
Hunter-gatherer Seafood Experience This unique experience has you gathering the freshest Tasmanian seafood fresh from the water, and then cooking the catch the way the locals do – right there on the water.
Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise