Private Guided Fly Fishing Experience

Trout were first introduced into Australia in this part of Tasmania, with the establishment of the hatchery at Salmon Ponds, just 5 minutes from the Woodbridge.

Your fly fishing experience will be on riverbanks, in streams or on lakes – wherever the fish are rising. Tasmania is recognized as having some of the best wild trout stocks in the world.

Depending on the site, you will either be collected or will self-drive. If an early start is desired, early breakfast arrangements can be made.

Our expert guides suit the most experienced anglers or will soon put the novice at ease. You will have one-on-one personal attention.

Sensible walking shoes and a waterproof jacket are required.
All equipment and a Fisherman’s Lunch and drinks are provided.

Fly Fishing with Expert Guide 
From $800 + GST
for two persons fishing (full day)

Tailored Options offers a menu of additional activities to make your stay uniquely yours.

These experiences need to be booked,  some well in advance.
Please Email us for information and bookings.