Giving back & Paying it forward

From its earliest beginnings until its decline in the mid 1900’s, Woodbridge was a centre of privilege and position. With this privilege came certain obligations, and the early owners of Woodbridge embraced their social responsibilities.

Today we continue the tradition.

We source our produce as much as possible from the Derwent Valley. Woodbridge engages and trains local people, uses local trades people and suppliers where possible, supports local businesses and contracts local guides. We live locally and have invested substantially in the local area, and have taken a lead in local business organizations such as The Derwent Valley Chamber of Commerce and The New Norfolk Business Alliance. We are members of Team Tasmania and Brand Tasmania.

Woodbridge is a proud supporter of:
Diabetes Australia
Australian Red Cross
Cancer Council
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
Murdoch University
Women’s Plan Foundation
The Shepherd Centre

Doing our bit for the Environment

We are keenly aware of the privilege of the clean air and pure water that we enjoy in Tasmania, and at Woodbridge we take whatever steps we can to preserve this for future generations. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We are more concerned with environmentally responsible action than green certifications, credentials or posturing. We believe in putting principles into action.

The renovation of our wonderful 1825 heritage listed building is in itself a grand example of recycling. The building was derelict, and faced demolition. The restoration re-used and recycled wherever possible, and construction used plantation timber and low impact thermally efficient materials.

Power use is minimised with the use of timers, and energy-saving globes and appliances. Windows are double glazed where possible and ceilings, walls and floors are insulated. While our guests love the romance of our open fireplaces, their use is minimised with the use of reverse cycle air conditioning, overhead fans, and wall heaters, and each room is wired separately so that guests can choose to further minimise their usage. Every chimney is fitted with a close-off hatch so that heat will not be lost up the flue when the fireplace is not in use.

Our baths and showers have been chosen to meet our guests’ dual requirements of bathing satisfaction and environmental awareness. Towels are replaced every second day unless guests indicate otherwise. Our gardens are watered with irrigation drippers and sprinklers positioned, timed and programmed to minimise water wastage.

At our rural annexe property, Truffle Lodge, we have planted over 600 trees, and have undertaken an extensive programme to remove exotic weeds from the river banks.